Binary Birth - Act 01

by Binary Souls / Other Dimensions

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2-8-10-2 05:25
Cryonics is based on a view of dying as a process that can be stopped in the minutes, and perhaps hours, following clinical death. If death is not an event that happens suddenly when the heart stops, this raises philosophical questions about what exactly death is.
Rise 07:11
As I sit with this brain that lacks a soul And I prepare to connect it to my creation My minions march in time with my heart (One, two, three, four!) As I hear the thunder begin the start So many neural roads to control Each one a super highway of thought sensation It’s like a cryptic maze that I must solve It will become my, my prize creation One hundred million volts I must take So, I look to the sky for a simple sign The lighting flashing brightly in my eye I’ve never felt such, such elation. (hut, hut, hut, hut!) Come on you silly robot! Rise! Stand up! Rise! Rise! (One, two, three, four! One, two, three, four!) Yes! I’ve done it! He stands up with a grind and a jerk Looking about the room with some confusion He takes a mighty step to the door And he disappears into the night Where are you going? Get back here! Oh! Don’t go that way! Get Back here! You stupid robot! I created you! Oh, I should have listened to mother. She said there would be days like this. Get back here you stupid robot! I’m going to kill you!


Binary Birth is the story of Hondo’s creation. For those of you who have not read my comic, Hondo is one of the main characters in the story. While I’ve written quite a bit about his personality within the comic, there are a lot of open questions as to how he was made. There are also many questions surrounding his creator. Who and what is this being known as Doc and how did he end up building Hondo? These and many other questions just might be answered within the songs that will make up Binary Birth. I wouldn’t be surprised, though, if some new questions will be left unanswered. Act 01 goes through the building process of Hondo's physical form.

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released October 5, 2012

William Chrapcynski


all rights reserved



Binary Souls / Other Dimensions Centreville, Virginia

Composer, Sound Designer, Voice Actor, Video Game Nerd, Geek

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